Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition

Bauhaus knowledge warehouse; a park of exchange

Our proposal niches the exchange, non-product integral nature of the Bauhaus by proposing not only a museum typology, but a genuine knowledge warehouse. The proposal is not a discrete architectural building or style , but an agency for events, architecture, exchange and knowledge production. Different groups of people will use the architecture quite differently, a lot and a great emphases was developed on the local park visitors and to draw new cultural audience proposing them a space of exchange.

Like the Bauhaus core ideology; the proposal is not the answer, but the possibility.
A system where it makes architecture possible. The proposal’s ambition is to reconsider a museum as a space to present objects, rather we gave great attention to what is beyond a museum,re-producing an exchange apparatus.


Location: Dessau- Germany

Client: Bauhaus Foundation

Year: 2015

Status: Competition Entry

Use: Museum

Team: Peter Kneiber, Onsi Kneiber