Sky-Skyline Video Installation

An Art /Architectural installation for Rungang Exhibition in the Staedelschule addressing the current light pollution problem. With the booming interest in the “City” , we reached an unstoppable level of increasing the layers of glare on our planet earth shielding the magnificence of the current existing lights in the sky.

The project abstracts the city as sets of lines loosely defined by a system of noise and parameters.

Frankfurt skyline bitmap was used as a source data feeding a Java based script written in Processing. The script in turns abstracts the image into grey-scale field of pixels.

The brightness value of every pixel is then translated into magnitudes of attractor points on an abstract 2-dimentional X-Y grid.

Sets of point cloud starts to emerge from both sides of the grid with a calculated rate of  growth and termination.

The point clouds with its calculated rate of visibility starts to interact with the attractor points relative to the magnitude of each attractive vector.

User interactions was also made possible by clicking and hovering through the grid to occasionally relax the system or restart it.


Location: Städelschule- Frankfurt, Germany


Year: 2011

Status: Video Installation


Team: Peter Kneiber